Should the New York Jets ride with Quarterback Zach Wilson for the season, or should the team look elsewhere?

Article by Ty Letendre

An exciting off-season for the New York Jets built a lot of hype leading up to week one, with the notable additions of Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Runningback Dalvin Cook. The defense flashed a lot of promise last season, giving up 18.6 points per game (which ranked 4th in the league amongst defenses), yards per game being 311.1 (which also ranked 4th amongst all defenses.) With all that hype bottled up, all of New York believed the Jets were going to make a run in a very competitive AFC/AFC East.

Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers went down on his third snap being a New York Jet, and all of the hype was sucked out of Metlife stadium. At the moment, the Jets’ Head Coach Robert Saleh has not said much about the quarterback situation heading into their week 3 division matchup against New England. Saleh shared with reporters Monday that he does not anticipate the team adding another quarterback to the roster this week. It’s no secret that Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson does not appear to be a franchise player anytime soon, but that has not discouraged the team. To quote Jets’ Center Connor McGovern, “We just need to keep his confidence high, because when his confidence is high, he’s a damn good player.”

The Jets have shown no interest in adding any other quarterbacks to the roster at the moment, but there may be another promising addition. Minnesota Vikings’ Quarterback Kirk Cousins would make the most sense, for he is in the last year of his current contract and led his team to a 0-2 start so far in the season. Retired Viking tight-end Kyle Rudolph appeared on Fox Sports Radio on Monday, and was asked about the possibility of his former quarterback going to New York: “I think it is worth a conversation. If you’re the Vikings, I think it is a phone call that you have to take. What are (teams) willing to give you for a guy who, ultimately, might not be in your plans?” This trade would be an understandable move from both sides, but at the moment no talks have been engaged. For the foreseeable future, it seems that the Jets will ride with Zach Wilson.

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