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Meet The Executive Team Behind Your Party Station!

Patrick Chambers

General Manager

I oversee all aspects of the station including finances, staff needs, meetings, events, promotions, programming, executive staff, and alumni relations. Z89 is such a special place to me, because it’s a place where the vibes are good and the music is loud!

Favorite Artist: Outkast, Warren Zevon, and Lana Del Ray

Ilana Epstein

Programming Director

I oversee the music, sports, news and production departments at the station as well as program all of the music. I love Z89 because of the people. I’ve been able to experiment and show my creativity while continuing to grow in networking and professionalism. I’ve also met some of my best friends.

Favorite Artist: Lana Del Ray or Jungle

Dalton Deitz

Vice President of Operations

I am responsible for overseeing the Web, Social and Digital departments at the station. This includes heavy involvement in the YouTube, Instagram, X and TikTok for the station, and working with the Social and Web Directors to ensure interactive and engaging platforms for users to love! I am also responsible for handling press opportunities, especially when it comes to covering a show for social media, as well as artist interviews. This is one of my favorite parts of the station as I get to connect with so many artists from around the world and sometimes even get them into the station for the listeners to enjoy!

Favorite Artist: Baby Keem, A Tribe Called Quest, Ken Carson

Victoria Gomes Collavitti

Vice President of Business

I am in charge of handling Z89’s finances and business deals! A huge part of radio that I love is connecting to the nearby community, so the business department handles collaborations and partnerships with businesses Syracuse knows and loves.

Favorite Artist: Dom Dolla and Harry Styles

Ryan Lima

Music Director

I oversee the music shows at Z and have the final say for playlist curations with these shows. I also add songs to the nexgen system and g-selector scheduler, while also collaborating with the program director to establish the roster for all music shows! Joining Z89 was one of the best decisions I have ever made, as I’ve always felt welcomed by a great group of people. Being able to talk about music on-air is a passion that Z89 has been able to fulfill for me, and I will always be grateful for that!

Favorite Artist: Dreamer Isioma

Cora Mayer Costa

News Director

I oversee programming for our three news shows, STEM Breakdown, Red Carpet Report, and Orange State. I love z89 because it’s a place to make friends over the airwaves! 

Favorite Artist: Laufey

Max Gifford

Sports Director

I lead the day-to-day operations for the Z89 Sports staff while coordinating and overseeing programming for sports talk shows and broadcasts of Syracuse women’s basketball, women’s lacrosse, and Section III football. I’ve learned that Z89 is the best outlet for broadcast talent to be fostered among a wide range of people while also providing a professional platform for diverse voices.

Favorite Artist: Rush

Rob Gabrik

Social Media Director

As the Social Media Director for Z89 it’s my job to curate posts for our Instagram, TikTok, and X accounts in order to spread Z89’s message. One thing I love about Z89 is how it’s changing every single day. Whether it’s through content, new members, or the world around us, Z89 is a different living breathing beast every single day and keeping up with it is what I love the most.

Favorite Artist: The Beatles

Isabella Galan

Web Director

I am responsible for all of the content that goes onto our official website, ranging from articles to artist interviews. I love being a part of Z89 because it is such a welcoming place where I not only get to make amazing connections with the other members of the staff but where I also can connect with the listeners in a new way every single day. 

Favorite Artist: Tate McRae or Stephen Sanchez

Julian Frucht

Sponsorship/PR Director

I am responsible for helping Z89 form sponsorships with local businesses and venues and earning tickets to local events and concerts to give away on social media. I love Z89 for the incredible opportunities it has given me and the talented, hard-working people the station has surrounded me with.

Favorite Artist: Drake

Jordan Burda

Human Resources Director

As HR Director, I oversee all of the training for new members. I love watching members turning their radio dreams into a reality! I also deal with interpersonal issues within the station, so I’m always free and I’m someone people can talk to. Z89 gave me a chance to do something that I didn’t even know I love and turn it into a great opportunity to make new friends, but also have fun!

Favorite Artist: SZA

Jackie Arbogast

Production Director

I am responsible for writing and creating on-air liners for shows and zoos; and for managing, teaching, and operating the podcast department. I have loved Z89 ever since I heard about the station, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Finding a niche I love while being surrounded by extremely supportive people is all I could ask for with the Z89 family.

Favorite Artist: Wallows or Quinn XCII

Dan Saligman

Legal Director

I run a legal test once a week and make sure the station is following FCC guidelines. What makes Z89 so unique is the creative freedom we are given while still learning the rules of and the ways that radio works.  

Favorite Artist: K.A.A.N 

Grace Denton

Broadcast Consultant

I am an extra voice on the exact staff that is able to sit in on meetings and vote in any tie breaking scenario! Z89 is the place where I’ve met some of my best friends and had some of the greatest opportunities and memories of my life. I love the community this station has formed and I’m always excited to see what we’ll accomplish next!

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift

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