Z Morning ZooZ89 Staff

Meet the Zoo Staff

Meet the staff bringing you the Z-Morning Zoo every weekday from 7-10am!

Executive Producer

Daniel Saligman

Monday Zoo

Lead Host: Jake Finnerty

Hosts: Ben Galvanoni, May Babcock and Ronnie Parrillo

Tuesday Zoo

Lead Host: Daniel Saligman

Hosts: Rob Gabrik, Hudson Riley, and Cooper Andrews

Wednesday Zoo

Lead Host: Ilana Epstein

Hosts: Nina Bohan, Cora Mayer-Costa, Anton Kox

Thursday Zoo

Lead Host: Emma Dahmen

Hosts: Liam Griffin, Jake Goldberg, and Jennifer Mason

Friday Zoo

Lead Host: Nate Charles

Hosts: Evan Reese, Phil Lockitt, Francesco Simone, Nick Testani

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