More sun, filtered by smoke at times ahead

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) What a difference a week makes right? Get the sunscreen and t-shirts ready!

Chamber of commerce weather continues…

High pressure remaining in charge of the weather across CNY the rest of the week basically, but there are a couple of small flies in the ointment that we are watching Thursday and Friday. 

Less smoke means more blue

After experiencing a good deal of smoke filtered sun thanks to the Canadian wildfires Monday and Tuesday, we should be in for less extensive smoke, or a bluer sky over the next day or two.

High pressure really muscles its way in for the middle of the week producing a mainly clear sky tonight and sun filled Wednesday.  The sky also remains pretty clear Wednesday night which should give us a chance to see the Northern Lights across CNY!  

Lows in the 30s to around 40 tonight, and it’s comfortably mild/warm with highs well into the 60s to around 70 expected for all on Wednesday!  Lows Wednesday night drop into the low to mid 40s.

Feeling summery by weeks end

We should feel even warmer air Thursday into Friday with highs warming into the mid-70s Thursday afternoon and approaching 80 to end the week.  All the while, the humidity stays nice and low, and there’s going to be a nice breeze too.  Enjoy CNY! 😊 

A shower or two for a few?

There is a small disturbance we are watching zip through Thursday, especially just north and east of Syracuse.  This fast-moving upper air disturbance may trigger a spotty shower or two, mainly north and east of Syracuse on Thursday, but if any showers pop up, they will be brief. 

The next chance of a passing shower (and it still isn’t that great) comes Friday afternoon/evening as a weak cold front nears the region from the north.  That said, it is likely that most of Central New York does not see a drop of rain the rest of this week making for a great stretch for any outdoor activities!

Does the great weather continue into the weekend for all the moms in CNY?  Overall, it is looking pretty good right now!  Stay tuned for updates.

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