Lizzo Reveals She’s Battling Strep Throat: ‘Still Hurts to Speak, But It Really Hurts to Cancel’

Lizzo hopped on social media Monday (May 7) to let fans know that she’s in the midst of battling a nasty case of strep throat.

“Hello Hartford, it is me,” the pop star said in an audibly croaky voice while cozied up in a fleece hoodie and silk sleeping cap. “As you know, I canceled my Montreal show ’cause I was experiencing extreme flu-like symptoms. I tested for COVID and it’s negative. However, I did test positive for strep throat. Though I’m feeling stronger, my body, my throat is still extremely raw and swollen. My lymph nodes are swollen, and the doctors say that it would not be wise to sing while my throat is like this.


“In the past, I have pushed myself because I always want to bring you guys an incredible show. And I want to bring you guys the best of me,” she admitted. “And I’m realizing as I mature that this is not the best of me. I need to heal so that I can be the artist that you guys deserve and maintain my body. Still hurts to swallow, still hurts to speak, but it really hurts to cancel.”

Lizzo reiterated in her caption that all tickets for her planned show at Hartford, Conn.’s XL Center will be honored for a rescheduled date, adding, “I’m sorry Hartford…I’ll be back stronger and better, I hope you can be there too.”

Before she came down with strep, the singer wowed the A-list crowd as the entertainment for the 2023 Met Gala, and even got the chance to duet on the flute with her longtime idol James Galway.

Watch Lizzo painfully deliver the news of her strep throat below.

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