All Time Low Say Accusations Are ‘Absolutely and Unequivocally False’

All Time Low have categorically denied allegations that members of their camp engaged in “inappropriate” behavior with young fans. “The allegations being brought against us are absolutely and unequivocally false,” the group wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday (Oct. 25) signed by members singer Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson.

Though they did not respond to specific allegations, the post from the group mentioned a TikTok video that began gaining traction a few weeks ago with allegations of inappropriate behavior leveled against a famous pop-punk band. “We chose not to respond because of the glaring inconsistencies in the story, and the apparent reluctance to mention us by name,” they wrote.

The band said they felt that a response would have “elevated and escalated” what they referred to as an “outright lie,” and end up robbing “actual victims of abuse of their very real and very important collective voice.”

No specific allegations were mentioned in the statement from the band, though a since-deleted TikTok video that began circulating several weeks ago alluded to allegedly abusive behavior in the comments section from a woman who claimed the group invited her on their tour bus when she was 13; USA Today reported that a since-suspended Twitter account added a lengthy claim from a woman that Barakat solicited nude images and sexually assaulted and groomed an underage fan.

According to the paper, Barakat tweeted separately that he felt the need to “personally refute the claims being made against me and us, as they are 100% false.”

“We stand with victims. We have only ever wanted to cultivate and nurture a culture around our shows and band that is welcoming, healthy, and safe,” they continued in the statement. “It is with that in mind that we have to state with outright certainty, that what is being said about us is completely and utterly false”; a spokesperson for the band had not returned requests for comment at press time.

They said they are investigating the source of the allegations and promised to seek legal recourse, while re-iterating their desire to stand with victims of abuse and trauma as they fight against “lies that only cloud and distort” the stories of those who “need to be heard and represented.”

After thanking fans for their support since the group’s founding in Maryland in 2003, they concluded, “we have only ever sought positivity and wellness for those who have ever crossed our path. Throughout our nearly two-decade spanning career, we are so fortunate to learn and grow alongside all of you. We will continue to listen, and to do everything in our power to nurture and support a healthy and safe environment around All Time Low. It is difficult and disheartening to have to make this statement knowing that the allegations against our camp are completely unfounded and false, but at this point it is of the upmost importance to us that you know we hear you, we stand with victims, and we stand collectively for truth.”

ATL are currently on road, slated to play the District in Sioux Falls, SD on Wednesday (Oct. 27).

See the band’s statement below.


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