Steps to increase mask-wearing inside Carrier Dome for Saturday's game against Albany

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse University will take on Albany Noon Saturday inside the Dome. 

While the crowd will be smaller, the University has added a number of reminders for fans, encouraging them to mask up inside the Dome. 

This is in response to the lack of mask-wearing at the Rutgers game on September 11. 

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon to time to address the Dome and masks this week.

The reminders include additional signs inside and outside the stadium, as well as frequent announcements over the PA system.  

Ushers will now be holding signs reminding fans to wear their masks. 

Dome director Peta Sala said Friday they have learned a lot from last week’s game. He is hoping the changes outlined above will make a difference Saturday. 

Sala did offer this advice:  “We will work with our guest services group to relocate people when they’re uncomfortable around people if it gets to a point where it’s escalated we will usually back out of a situation and call our service providers, the city police who are there working the event or our public safety folks to have a conversation with that person.” 

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