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Ye is being sued again, along with his former head of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, for intolerable harassment and discrimination. Keep watching to learn more.

Tetris Kelly:

Ye is facing yet another lawsuit. Let’s break it down. A new lawsuit, filed in the District Court of the Central District of California, is alleging Ye and his former head of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, subjected employees to intolerable harassment and discrimination. The eight plaintiffs came from across the United States, the UK, Hungary, and Nigeria to work at Yeezy. Some plaintiffs claimed they were as young as 14 while working. The claims made by the plaintiffs include being segregated into different working environments by race, where Black and African employees were given less favorable work assignments, minors were allegedly exposed to pornographic images related to Ye’s scrap YZY PORN venture, and all eight of the former employees claimed they were not paid for their work. While Billboard has reached out to Ye’s rep for comment, Yiannopoulos addressed the lawsuit on X, writing in part, “All I’ve done since has tried to get these app developers paid, as voluminous correspondence demonstrates. Anyone asserting otherwise is uncritically repeating mendacious lies from a lawsuit that takes more imaginative leaps than The Lord of the Rings.”

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