Uncle Luke Criticizes Drake for Liking a Post About Rick Ross Being Attacked in Canada

Uncle Luke has a message for Drake. Rick Ross was recently attacked after a show in Vancouver, B.C., as Kendrick’s Drake diss track “Not Like Us” played in the background. While Drizzy had nothing to do with the altercation, he liked a post from Keep6ixSolid on Instagram, and this apparently is a cause of concern for the former leader of the 2 Live Crew. He posted a 13-minute clip on social media, in which he called the violence “unacceptable” and called Drake liking the post “more unacceptable.”


“This whole fightin’… My boy Ross and his guys in Canada, that’s unacceptable,” he said. “That [isn’t] supposed to happen. And what’s more unacceptable is when Mr. Drake liked the post.

“I expect more out of Mr. Drake,” added Uncle Luke. “When there is violence, you don’t condone it. Mr. Drake, you should be bigger than that. You don’t like no posts because here’s what happens: There’s always a backlash of it all.”

He added: “Now you inserted yourself … Even if you were not involved, half of the country thinks you set the man up. … When you, Mr. Drake, liked the post, you just inserted yourself into violence toward Mr. Ross and his crew.”

Luke then brings up how he tried to broker peace between 2Pac and Biggie Smalls, saying, “I seen how this s—t end, man.”

Billboard has reached out to Drake’s rep for comment.

The day after the incident in Vancouver, Drake wished his fans a Happy Canada Day on his Instagram Story and said “Cheers to the whole country” as he enjoyed a summer cocktail outside.

In a separate post on his IG feed, the Toronto emcee posted a video of him and his friends rapping along to “Northern Touch” by Vancouver rappers the Rascalz. “Why you people wanna bang wit’ us, ain’t nobody can hang wit’ us,” Drake can be heard saying.

After the attack — which was captured on video — Rick Ross posted a photo to Instagram Story showing him in front of a private jet, saying, “Vancouver it was fun, till next time.” He also commented on an Instagram post by The Shade Room about Drake liking a video of the fight, writing, “I thought they were bottle service boys ha!”

In a statement after the altercation, the Miami rapper told TMZ, “Vancouver is a beautiful city and he can’t wait to go back.” He also said that no one on his team was seriously injured.

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