Tiago PZK Drops ‘GOTTI A’ Album & More New Music Latin

New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard’s Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Tiago PZK, GOTTI A (Warner Music Latina)

Tiago PZK’s sophomore album is a profound journey of self-discovery, with 14 tracks that present a kind of debate between Tiago the star and his alter ego, Gotti A. Executive produced by Tiago and Tatool, the set — which includes a wide variety of rhythms and collaborations —also had Charlie Heat (Kanye West, Madonna, Travis Scott) and Yeti Beats (Doja Cat) among its producers.

Tiago gets our full attention from the first track “Todas las Estrellas,” in which he sings and raps about keeping his feet on the ground and knowing that fame is ephemeral. It is followed by “Adicción,” an unexpected salsa that shows the great versatility of the Argentine star, and the focus track “De Vuelta,” a stimulating merengue with Colombian singer Manuel Turizo. And that is not all. With Trueno, Tiago performs the hip-hop song “I’m Blessed,” with Justin Quiles the reggaeton “Party BB,” with Ke Personajes the cumbia “Piel,” with Duki EDM-infused “RCP,” and with Nicki Nicole the romantic R&B flavored “Cristal.” An additional track featuring Anitta and Emilia, “Alegría,” is listed as part of the album, but will be released in the coming weeks.

Throughout GOTTI A, Tiago shines with his vocal and interpretive abilities and with sharp, introspective lyrics. The ballad “Griselda,” dedicated to his mother, is particularly emotional. And in “La Última,” which closes the album, he keeps us guessing by going from a mid-tempo reggaeton with a catchy chorus to a forceful trap. “This album is very important to me because, in addition to being the second of my career, it brings together the diversity of my musical career as an artist and composer,” Tiago PZK said in a press release. It is, without a doubt, a rich example of the maturity he has achieved both as a musician and as a human being. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Los Aptos, “Bonnie and Clyde” (VPS Music/Warner Music Latina)

Los Aptos adapts the story of the infamous Great Depression bandits, Bonnie and Clyde, for a whole new generation. Powered by traditional regional Mexican instruments — like trombones, tololoche and acoustic guitars — and fused with elements of electronic music, the trio’s lead singer Juan Ortega uses his ethereal vocals to narrate their version of Bonnie and Clyde. “Baby tonight we’re Bonnie and Clyde,” he sings in the chorus over a synth bass. “There’s no law that can touch us, there’s nothing that can break our love.” In the music video, Ortega and the rest of his band members actually give life to government agents who are chasing the criminals. — GRISELDA FLORES

Charlie Zaa & Kevin Roldan, “Por Una Vez” (Zaa Platino/ONErpm)

Charlie Zaa has reeled in Kevin Roldan for “Por Una Vez” (for once) — a captivating salsa fusion that showcases both Colombian artists in a new light. Produced by Charlie Zaa’s son, AaronZaa, the track laces Charlie’s powerful ballad vocals with Roldan’s dulcet-but-raspier tones. Lyrically, the song “shows the frustration of not understanding the actions of those you love,” expresses the producer in a press statement. “For once/I would like to be on the other side/I would like to be the one who hurts/And not who gets hurt,” they chant in the chorus. The official music video of “Por Una Vez” features the two artists joined by a live salsa band. — JESSICA ROIZ

Andrés Cepeda, “El Café” (Warner Music México)

Andrés Cepeda releases a new song dedicated to kisses that are left pending. In his classic pop-rock style, “El Café” marks the beginning of the first release from his upcoming studio album Bogotá. The song’s lyrics tell a story of an unfinished love but also carry hope for a potential reunion to resolve what’s left pending. “To be able to return to the café, and even if it is many years later/ Come back to love you like the first time,” Cepeda sings in the chorus. — INGRID FAJARDO

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