TDE’s Ab-Soul Believes ‘Redemption’ Is Possible for Drake Following Kendrick Lamar Feud

Ab-Soul is always representing for Top Dawg Entertainment, but he believes redemption is possible for Drake in the wake of the fallout of the 6 God’s feud with Kendrick Lamar.


Soul, a longtime Kendrick Lamar affiliate, took to X on Tuesday morning (July 9) to get some thoughts off about Drake and the beef, which he deemed to be not a “rap battle,” but “scripture.”

While he was always riding with K. Dot and the West Coast, the TDE rapper thinks there’s a path back to the top for Drizzy thanks to his potent skillset. “If Drake is the MC I imagine he can be. Redemption is not off the table,” he wrote.

Fans were surprised to see Soul sticking up for Drake, as a heated back-and-forth broke out in his replies while the tweet went viral.

“After the 2Pac AI verse? Nah. the moment he did that he lost the battle forever. I hear you But that settles it for me,” one person wrote.

Another said, “It’s genuinely hilarious how yall talking like he got outrapped but when yall remove this obvious bias yall have it can def be argued that he won the war of bars.”

Soul continued to clarify, “Key word ‘MC.’” He also made sure to explain he was backing Kendrick when it came to the rap war, as he didn’t want his rant taken out of context.

“But b4 my rant gets out of context. He could never Fucc wit da Gang’Nem on sum rap shyt. That was Never a question,” the 37-year-old declared. “We could still ‘potentially’ match ‘artistry’. (Removing my obvious personal/educated bias).”

Ab-Soul also hit the stage to help Lamar perform the live debut of his “6:16 in L.A.” Drake diss at the Pop Out concert on Juneteenth. In the past, they’ve connected on tracks such as “P&P 1.5,” “Illuminate” and “Ab Souls Outro.”

The consensus (including Billboard‘s) was that Kendrick Lamar was the winner in the Drake feud, and he’s continued to take a victory lap this summer. Dot delivered the “Not Like Us” video on July 4, which could give the diss track a boost on next week’s Hot 100, where it sits at No. 3.

Find Ab-Soul’s tweets about Drake and Kendrick below.

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