Reviewers Swear These $3 ‘ZitSticka’ Patches Work Way Better Than Acne Dots

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Anti-acne patches have become a go-to method for eliminating zits quickly and painlessly with clinical studies finding that a pimple solution can reduce healing time by 40%, according to Plus, the site adds that 95% of dermatologists believe pimple patches are effective for mild to moderate acne. Hero Cosmetic’s Mighty Patches were one of the first iterations of the skincare product to gain attention along with Starface’s gen-Z-approved patches (beloved by stars like Justin Bieber), but now ZitSticka has entered the chat and it’s promising to be an acne “killa.”

Touching and picking at your acne is a quick way to lead to scabbing, bleeding and, in serious cases, scarring. ZitSticka Killa patches help dissuade you from touching your pimples by providing a barrier that’ll protect your clogged pores, while helping to draw out oils and pus. Unlike common pimple patches, ZitSticka’s version is designed with micro darts that’ll penetrate your skin and infuse healing ingredients into even your deepest pimples.

Amazon and Ulta are offering the ZitSticka Killa acne patches for up to 15%, which you can snag online below.

white and peach zitsticka killa patches

ZitSticka Killa Acne Patches

$21.24 $24.99 15% off

Buy Now On Amazon

These Killa patches come in packs of four, eight, 12 and 20 depending on how often you plan on using the skincare product. The above deal saves you 15% on a pack of eight. That brings the price down to less than $3 per pimple patch.

Each patch comes with 24 micro darts filled with hydrocolloid to help penetrate acne under the skin’s surface. The product aims to work within two hours and has already been purchased by 2,000 Amazon shoppers this month.

TikTok has praised the skincare essential’s capabilities with more than 26 million searches for the term “ZitSticka Killa before and after.” If you’re more prone to cystic acne, most TikTokers find the ZitSticka to be the best acne patches as it penetrates the skin deeper than traditional flat versions. To see the pimple patch in action, user @cystur posted a review of the product showing a before and after that has gathered close to 10,000 views.

“Let’s dissolve my giant pimple,” the text says in the video.

Pimples that have a whitehead may find more immediate results with flat pimple patches like the bestselling Mighty Patches. Since the pimple already has surfaced to the top of your skin, the ingredients like hydrocolloid will draw out all the “gunk” and leave you with a flat surface instead of a raised bump.

box of hero mighty patches

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch

$7.19 $8.99 20% off

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$9.57 $11.89 20% off

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$11.95 $21.99 46% off

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More than 100,000 Amazon shoppers have purchased the No. 1 bestseller for its ability to quickly draw out pus and oils from clogged pores. The brand recommends cleaning your skin before placing the patch on and keeping it on for at least six hours. You can choose from a variety of packs including 24, 36 or 72 pimple patches.

New York-based Mount Sinai dermatologist Whitney Bowe considers both brands her favorite for combatting pimples. In a TikTok, Bowe describes how using hydrocolloid has been used by derms for “decades” to help heal open wounds as the ingredient helps absorb excess fluid and create a moist environment that’s ideal for healing.

“I’m a huge fan of these for pimples because if you think about it a pimple is almost like a wound in many ways,” she says in the video.

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