Ranking Every Cash Cobain and Laila ‘Not My Problem (Remix)’ Snippet

Cash Cobain is up to his old antics again.

The Bronx rapper and producer has been known to post snippets of songs he’s making on social media. Sometimes he releases the finished product, sometimes he doesn’t. So there’s no telling if he will ever officially drop his remix of Laila!’s viral “Not My Problem” song. But that doesn’t matter because a bunch of artists have already recorded verses to his remix. Laila! went viral when she performed “Not My Problem” and “Like That” on On the Radar. The latter of which went viral on TikTok spawning a dance meme thanks to a fan with the username madozilla.

Memes aside, I was happy to finally put a face to the “Like That” song. I’ve seen people posting that dance all over the place and was always curious about who made the song. Sometimes you have to do some digging, because people manipulate these songs and you never realize that they might have a rap verse or two until you go look for yourself. And not only does Laila! rap and sing, she makes all of her own beats.

These “Not My Problem” remixes remind me of dancehall, where you would have a bunch of different artists who take a riddim and add their own flavor to it, sometimes making something completely different. Dancehall producer Lenky’s Diwali Riddim comes to mind, with Wayne Wonder, Lumidee and Sean Paul each making popular songs using the same beat in 2003.

My sources tell me Cash is thinking about either making a mega mix, like a Slizzy “We Are the World,” or he may continue posting the snippets as he gets them.

Slizzyfeed — the social media account for all things Cash Cobain — compiled a list of the snippets that have surfaced, so far, so I ranked them. I’ll see about updating the list if more artists decide to ride this wave. We need Laila! and Ice Spice to add some verses, too. Let’s keep this party going.

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