Of Course ‘Betty’ Is Ryan Reynolds’ Favorite Taylor Swift Song: ‘In My ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ Era’

The long and winding road to the opening of the eagerly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine movie is nearing its end. The superhero team-up between Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed face-puncher and Hugh Jackman’s razor-clawed X-Man hits theaters on July 26. But before we see them in action, the pair sat down with director Shawn Levy to talk about the most important spoiler of all: what is Reynolds’ favorite Taylor Swift song?

In a video interview for Variety in which the three men reveal how much they know about each other, the question came up and both men seemed stumped at first as Reynolds sighed, “I mean, you know… I mean, c’mon,” smiling a knowing smile.

“I know the answer to this,” Jackman said confidently as he scribbled his reply on a white board. “He sang it to me on the very last day of the shoot.” Reynolds, covering his face with his white board, just laughed as his compatriots revealed their totally wrong responses. Jackman went with “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” while Levy blanked and wrote “the one that starts with ‘gorgeous,’” aka the Reputation song “Gorgeous,” which features Reynolds and Blake Lively’s daughter James saying the title.

Cute answers, but Reynolds could only say, “wow… no.”

Jackman was surprised. “You sang that to me in my face… angrily,” he insisted as Reynolds replied that he’d actually “hummed it.” The answer, naturally, is the Folklore ballad “Betty,” with Reynolds explaining, “c’mon man, I’m in my Folklore and Evermore era.” You might recall that the song is named for the couple’s four-year-old daughter, and also shouts out daughter James (9) and their seven-year-old daughter, Inez.

Reynolds and Lively have been pals with Swift for years and there continue to be rumors that the singer may make a cameo in the upcoming film after Ryan recreated the Evermore cover in a post earlier this month in which Deadpool made a visit to the album cover’s misty forest, followed by an IMAX poster in which the heroes were seen holding hands and wearing Eras Tour-like friendship bracelets. Last week, however, EW reported that Swift is definitely not in the film.

During a May 29 show in Madrid, Swift shouted out the couple’s three daughters — their fourth child’s name has not yet been publicly revealed, with Reynolds joking earlier this year that they’re waiting for the singer to tell them what it is — telling the crowd, “I have to say on Folklore some of my favorite characters are named James, Inez and Betty.”

Watch the Taylor talk below.

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