Nicki Minaj Blasts Former Manager for Trying to Squash Lil’ Kim Beef Without Her Consent

Nicki Minaj took to X on Sunday to put her former manager Debra Antney on blast with a lengthy tweet.

Antney, who also happens to be Waka Flocka Flame’s mother, was recently on the Opinionated Truths podcast where she was asked if she were willing to arrange a sit-down between Minaj and her well-documented foes Lil’ Kim and Cardi B. “I think that we all would love to see that, but people would have to be willing to do that,” she replied. “To be perfectly honest with you — she’s gonna kill me for even saying this — but I did reach out to Kim.”

She then shook her head as to say Kim wasn’t receptive to the idea.

Well, she was right, because Nicki set the record straight on X, saying she didn’t ask her ex-manager to say a thing.

Read her full statement below:

“Deb, Isn’t it funny how you left out the biggest part of the story? I didn’t ask you to do a THING!

“You told me AFTER THE FACT & I SCREAMED ON YOU & told you if you reach out to ppl now that you’re being seen around me, they will THINK it’s coming FROM ME so to NEVER do that again w/o discussing it with me FIRST. I said I’d never want that & that now she’d think that message came from me which is not cool.

“So yea… You laughed it off & said her & foxy should come out I said no. I’d only want foxy to come out on stage with me, she’s like family to me. No disrespect. God bless everyone & our children!!! Let us all do our thing & thank God for LIFE. Stop using my name for clickbait in 2024. We get it!!!!! I’m dat btch!!!!!!

“How dare you? Interviews? Chiiiiiiiiiiiiii WOO WEE!!!!! This world, man, this world.”

Nicki and Kim have been going back and forth since 2010, when the Pink Friday rapper seemingly took shots at the Queen B on “Roman’s Revenge.” Lil’ Kim then responded to those jabs with the diss track “Black Friday,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Antney managed Minaj for a good part of her early career, and the two still seem to be on good terms. Deb was spotted with Nicki multiple times during the Pink Friday 2 Tour.

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