Nacho Reflects on The Rebirth of Chyno y Nacho Amid Chyno’s Health Recovery

Chyno y Nacho has become one of Latin music’s most emblematic duos, achieving various No. 1 Billboard hits, four Billboard Latin Music Awards and a Latin Grammy win, while releasing six studio albums. 

Now, after parting ways in 2017 and a serious health condition that affected the mobility of one of the members, the duo composed of Jesus “Chyno” Miranda and Miguel Ignacio “Nacho” Mendoza is making a comeback, with a five-date U.S. tour called Eternos. The duo officially launch its new era with new single “Tu Nombre,” which they will perform at the 2024 Heat Latin Music Awards taking place on Thursday (July 11) in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic. 

“We are happy with the opportunities that life gives us to start over, and to appreciate the second chances,” Mendoza tells Billboard. “Today, we feel stronger than ever, and we feel that there are no challenges that we cannot measure ourselves against.”

The highly awaited return comes in the midst of Miranda’s arduous health recovery. 

In 2020, the Venezuelan singer was diagnosed with COVID-19, and as a result suffered peripheral neuropathy, encephalitis, and other long-term COVID symptoms that affected his nervous system. Miranda had to learn to walk again and battled depression, among other collateral health complications.

The “Niña Bonita” singer was moved to Venezuela for his recovery, where for almost all of 2022 he was admitted to the Tía Panchita rehabilitation center. Since entering the rehab facility, all of Miranda’s loved ones, including Nacho, lost touch with the artist. Nacho describes not having access to his bandmate as a mystery, because for many months they were unsure of Miranda’s health condition. 

“Many people in Venezuela who had the resources went behind the case and made it possible to remove him from the center he was in,” he recalls. “From that point on, we [Chyno y Nacho] have not been separated.”

Nacho admits that Miranda is still recovering — but thanks to music, he’s been able to heal and improve, and is capable of going on tour. Chyno y Nacho is set to make a comeback with its Eternos Tour set to kick off September 28 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla. The duo will also visit Puerto Rico, Houston, New York, and Orlando. 

Below, read Nacho’s Q&A with Billboard.

What does the Chyno y Nacho comeback at Heat Latin Music Awards signify? 

My heart feels like taking advantage of the time — because time goes by very quickly. You don’t realize how the years go by, how what you do affects the lives of others. Only time tells you, and today we realize that we have left a beautiful legacy and touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, and that there are many young people who were inspired by our careers and efforts. Thanks to that, they have an example of being able to develop their own careers, and that makes us feel very good.

You guys will be performing your new single at the awards show. What can you share about “Tu Nombre”?

This song is like a warm-up for the return. It came out as a soft release, but we trust our fan base and we know that people are always looking for new things from Chyno and Nacho, and that the discovery of new things begins. It has a fairly fresh sound, and it defines a lot of the essence of Chyno and Nacho but in 2024. We feel the energy when we are on stage, we see the people’s reaction to the song. Seriously, the feedback has been great — and we hope that this performance [at Premios Heat] serves as a window, so that people not only find out about the union and the tour, but also that they know that we are here to make new content.

Chyno y Nacho made a brief return in 2021 with the album Chino & Nacho Is Back, but then stopped making music. Why is 2024 the adequate time for the tour and comeback?

In 2021, just when we released the album, my partner’s health complications began to worsen and [music plans] was something that we had to abandon. There were people who connected with songs from the album, but in reality, all the attention was focused on the development of my partner’s illness. We abandoned the musical theme a little, and it was as if we couldn’t do anything because the intention was to unite and show our new projects. 

I think the issue of the pandemic also crossed our intentions. But hey, God knows what his plans are, and at work we simply accepted what the result was. Those three years were years of personal struggle for each one. But you know that kings are made in the desert, and after having that resistance and walking through those personal deserts, today we feel more strengthened than ever — and we feel that there are no challenges that we cannot measure ourselves against.

It’s been a very challenging road for Chyno, but I can imagine that as his duo partner, it’s been difficult for you as well. How has this entire process been for you?

[We see] the opportunity that God gave us to recognize and value a friendship that is still valid. We had our downfalls as friends, our disagreements, but I believe that the courage of human beings is not in maintaining the best attitude all the time, but in recognizing how you can get back into the best vibes and tunes, and also recognize your blessings.

I believe that those 10 years that we lasted as a duo, plus the previous years that we were in other groups, are worth a lot. I have shared more with Chyno than with my own blood brothers. Having entered into those discussions, it was simply a process for us to be able to understand how strong our friendship was, and how much we should value the gift that God gave us both of being able to have a prosperous career and being able to gather experiences together that are unforgettable .

I see it as the opportunity for both of us to see how we can improve everything we have … Each one [of us] had their personal process, but I think his was much more difficult, because he went through certain situations that I went through — such as divorce, for example — but he also has a health issue. I feel that his strength has been more noticeable, and the battles he has had to fight have been stronger. If I have the opportunity to be able to accompany him in those battles and carry on my shoulder some of those weights that he has to carry, with all my pleasure, at this moment I have all the disposition in the world to do it.

When did you realize that Chyno was ready to continue with his music career and go on tour? 

I think it was circumstantial, because I was one of those friends and family who couldn’t find his whereabouts. We didn’t know where he was, where they had him hidden. It was difficult. It is a process that today I can tell you, we are together and living a new reality, but our fans don’t know the entire trajectory of us being able to be with him again, and being able to tell him, “Look, we are going to continue doing what is really going to bring you back — which is music, and what you are really passionate about.”

From that point on, we have not been separated. Music is the best medicine, because the evolution that he has [gone through] has been demonstrated in the last months. Now, he’s ready to go on tour, for example. A couple of years ago it didn’t even cross our minds, based on his condition.

In addition to Eternos Tour, what does the future look like for Chyno y Nacho, in terms of new projects?

The new album is a possibility — it is very feasible to do it in the future. For now, we are releasing “Tu Nombre,” because he still has certain current commitments with his recording label that he has to fulfill individually. When we decided to go our separate ways, we approached new contracts as individuals, and he is still going through that process of being able to deliver what he has as part of his musical debt.

We have to see what the permit issue is like — I don’t think his record company will disagree with us continuing to do things together. I think it is the best alternative at this moment for his musical career, his development, and his improvement.

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