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We caught up with some of your favorites at the 2024 BET Awards and asked them to pick their favorite song by Usher. Keep watching to see which ones they chose, and comment what your favorite is!

Carl Lamarre:

I’ve been asking everybody this question, I’ve got to ask you: Your favorite Usher Raymond record.


My favorite Usher Raymond record? That’s like me selecting a child!

Carl Lamarre:

I know. 


I can’t do that. I don’t know if I could do it. 

Carl Lamarre:

Favorite Usher song?

Halle Bailey: 

Oh wow, “Confessions.”

Ice Spice:



Probably “Confessions.”

Carl Lamarre:

Can I get a little singing? You be talking to the shorties, so I know-


I don’t do no singing.

Moneybagg Yo:

“These are my confessions.”

Laurieann Gibson:

“Just when I thought…” OK, that’s all I’m going to give. 


I think I used to stand in the mirror in the bathroom and do choreography to that. “Three months pregnant and she’s keeping it.”

Carl Lamarre:

Why “Confessions”?

Killer Mike:

Oh man, because every man been there.

Carl Lamarre:

That is a fact!

Muni Long:

My favorite Usher song is “Superstar.” Hands down.


“Superstar.” You know what I mean? “Superstar” all day, every day.

Cash Cobain:

“Superstar” by Usher.



Carl Lamarre:

I’m kind of mad “Superstar” is in the lead right now.


It’s just really great.

Carl Lamarre:

It’s really sexy, I get it a lot. 

Muni Long:

First ad lib is just…


Me thinking I could just hit that falsetto.

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