Domelipa Talks Ozuna Collaboration & New Career Era With Sony Music Latin

Domelipa launched her music career in June with debut single “La Foto,” which will be followed by “Ese Vato,” her collaboration with Ozuna, Billboard can exclusively announce. 

The soon-to-be-released single, produced by Colombian hitmaker Ovy on the Drums, marks the first collaborative effort between the Mexican influencer-turned-singer and renowned Puerto Rican star. “Ese Vato” is a flirtatious, retro pop-rock tune that narrates the story of two people who really like each other but don’t want any titles. “I didn’t want anything, but you’re that guy I run to immediately when he calls,” goes the chorus. 

“This is an incredible opportunity that helps both of us — Ozuna on the influencer side because it’s very popular right now, and me on the music side,” Domelipa tells Billboard. “It was cool being able to meet him and talk to him. I admire him a lot, and these are things that a young Dome wouldn’t believe yet.”  

“Ese Vato” is accompanied by a summer-inspired music video showcasing both artists navigating the waters of Miami in a yacht. It also marks Dome’s sophomore single following the captivating urban-pop track “La Foto” — both released under Sony Music Latin, her new record company. 

“I’ve been creating music since two years ago, but this year just felt like the right timing to release it,” she explains. “Two years ago, I didn’t know how the music industry worked. I simply thought it was recording the music and uploading it on the internet, but it’s more complex than that. I needed a great team behind me and I’m happy that Sony supports me in my craziness.” 

“Her ability to connect with younger generations and her impressive social media presence make her a formidable force in the music industry,” Alex Gallardo, president of Sony Music US Latin, notes in a press statement. “With her talent and dedication, we are confident that her music career will be as successful as her reach on digital platforms.”

Domelipa signing with Sony Latin Music.
Domelipa signing with Sony Latin Music.

Born Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo in Monterrey, Mexico, Domelipa (a combination of her first name and Dua Lipa, whose music career she admires) has been building a solid fanbase on social media since her teen years; she currently boasts more than 75 million followers on TikTok and nearly 25 million on Instagram.  

Now, at 22 years old, she’s ready to demonstrate her talents that go beyond being a social media presence.

“[My team at] Sony always tells me not to worry about the process or the numbers, but to enjoy the moment,” she notes. “Coming from the influencer world, I’m very concerned about the numbers, but now I have to focus on the people who follow me, follow me for my content and my music.”

As she prepares to launch her single with Ozuna and continues to discover her sound alongside producers such as Ovy on the Drums, Domelipa — who’s managed by Westwood Entertainment’s Jorge Juárez, who currently also manages Carin León — has the vision of her new musical era clear.

“I’m not only doing music to do music,” she shares. “The music that I’m creating has a significance in my head. I know that how I feel, many people might feel the same way and don’t know how to express it. My plan is that people can identify with my lyrics.”

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