Beryl is an historically strong hurricane to kick off season

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The second named storm in the Atlantic basin of 2024 is Beryl and has made history as it churns into the Caribbean as a catastrophic category 4 storm with max sustained winds of about 140 mph as of midday Monday!

Beryl reached category 4 status over the weekend to round out June, which made it the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic basin in the month of June. The previous earliest major hurricane to develop in the Atlantic was Hurricane Dennis back on July 8th, 2005. Beryl reached major hurricane status a whole 9 days earlier! By the way, 2005 was the second most active hurricane season on record with 28 named storms. So if this year follows suit we could be in for an historic hurricane season, especially with La Nina setting up and record warm waters.

The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center has Beryl fluctuating in strength over the next few days as it moves across the Caribbean and ultimately is expected to weaken to a minimal hurricane or even a tropical storm as it moves over the Yucatan Peninsula late in the week.

At this point, it appears that Beryl will move back over the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend and likely re-strengthen and head towards northern Mexico and or far southern Texas late Sunday/early next week as a hurricane. It does NOT look to impact us at all here in the Northeast.

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