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Benson Boone dazzled on American Idol, but he dropped out to pursue his solo career in music. Since then, he’s been in the Hot 100 with “Beautiful Things,” “In The Stars,” and “Ghost Town.” His album, ‘Fireworks & Rollerblades,’ debuted at No.6 in the Billboard 200, but how did he climb to the top so fast? Keep watching to learn more!

Tetris Kelly:

Benson Boone is living the dream. The pop-rock artist has been a staple on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Beautiful Things” since its debut, and recently opened for Taylor Swift for one of the London stops of The Eras Tour. But who is Benson Boone? How did he get his start? And how did he become a Hot 100 success? This is Billboard Explains: Benson Boone’s Beautiful Chart Success. Hailing from Monroe, Washington, Benson didn’t discover his voice and love of music until high school. His best friend asked him to play the piano in their school’s battle of the bands competition after the lead singer dropped out. Benson filled in and that decision undoubtedly altered the course of his life. He then went on to audition for American Idol, where he received a standing ovation from judges and Katy Perry gave him the ultimate compliment. Benson ultimately decided to drop out of the competition to pursue music on his own. He went on to sign to Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds’ record label Night Street Records. Then, Benson made his Billboard chart debut at No. 33 on the Emerging Artists chart in October 2021. He earned his first Billboard Hot 100 hit with “Ghost Town,” peaking at No. 100. Next came “In the Stars,” his second Hot 100 hit. The song reached No. 82 and broke into the top 50 on the Global 200. 

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