Amazon’s $30 Personal Air Conditioner Has Reviewers Praising Its ‘Powerful’ Cooling Technology

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July 2023 was considered to be the hottest month in the global temperature record, according to NASA findings, and this summer is proving to be similarly toasty. Staying cool during especially hot days is essential for your health and safety, whether it’s with a handheld fan or turning up the air conditioner. Increased use of your AC though, means you’ll likely have higher electric bills, but that’s where owning a personal air conditioner can come in handy.

Amazon has discounted one of its most highly sought after personal air coolers by 40% off, bringing it down to a wallet-friendly $30. More than 2,000 shoppers have purchased the device this month claiming “it offers exceptional cooling with its powerful evaporative technology and quiet operation.” And, since it comes in a compact size, you can take it practically anywhere.

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blue portable air conditioner


Wesapor Portable Air Conditioner

$29.98 $49.98 40% off

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Wesapor’s Portable Air Conditioner isn’t a traditional air conditioner per se, but it offers similar cooling capabilities for a major steal, compared to the in-window units that typically run hundreds of dollars. While it won’t be powerful enough to turn your room into arctic-like temperatures, it does have the ability to decrease the heat by using a cooling fan system that relies on water. The device has a 1000 ml capacity and turns cold water into a cold breeze. Unlike a regular air conditioner, this portable version operates using low energy to help save you money. The touchscreen also allows you to change the settings, whether you want to add a time, change the fan speed, or have some light misting.

Shoppers can’t get enough of how “outstanding” the cooler works, claiming when you add ice to the reservoir, it can last a day, making it a “good replacement for an air conditioner.”

There are a variety of other air cooling solutions out there that will have you ditching an oscillating fan to keep your room at a more comfortable temperature. The main differences between a traditional air conditioner and air cooler is that an air conditioner must be vented in order to circulate cold air whereas an air cooler doesn’t need ventilation — just add water and the device will suck fresh air through a filter and produce colder air in turn.

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What Are the Best Personal Air Conditioners?

To help you find the best personal air conditioners and cooling fans, ShopBillboard rounded up a variety of top-rated models you can buy online now.

walmart portable air conditioner with black touchscreen


KLOUDIC Portable Air Conditioner

$42.99 $59.99 28% off

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This portable air conditioner from Walmart eliminates the need for having to stick a hose out of your window thanks to its slim construction. All you need to do is add water to the reservoir (up to 800 ml) and turn it on. There are three fan settings to choose from and you can also switch the device from a portable AC to a humidifier or just a plane fan. The touchscreen also includes a built-in light for added ambiance.

Some reviewers have labeled the bestselling mini air cooler “better than an oscillating fan” claiming the light misting helps quickly cool them down — especially when you place it next to you at night.

mini gray air conditioner on top of table



$84.90 $99 14% off

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EvaChill‘s evaporative cooler keeps things compact in a small size that you can easily place on a side table without leaving it feeling cluttered. It uses evaporative technology that utilizes water as a way to push cold air into your space. Attached to the design is a built-in handle that’ll allow you to transport the mini air cooler from one place to another more easily.

Verified Amazon reviewers have described how “shocked” they are over its cooling results, saying it “adds just the right amount of cool to keep me comfortable all night long without drying me out like a fan.”

model using evaporative air cooler with remote


Vebreda Evaporative Air Cooler

$79.98 $259.98 69% off

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For 69% off, you can score Walmart’s bestselling evaporative cooler, which will help bring a chill vibe to your room. Unlike a personal air cooler, an evaporative design like this model will cool the air by using evaporated water. This design comes with a tank that holds up to five liters you can pre-fill with water. Its versatile build also allows it to switch to a fan, humidifier and purifier just through a push of a button on the included remote.

Reviewers claim it’s best for “drier” climates since the device adds cold moisture to the air using evaporated water.

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