A Release Calendar of Music Documentaries in 2024

So long as there are music fans, there will always be an audience for music documentaries. That’s why several new ones are on the way in 2024, from intriguing deep dives into music history, to behind-the-scenes looks at how music new and old was written, made and performed.

And to keep you from missing any new ones, Billboard has compiled a list of all the real-world films and series coming to screens this year, many of them available to watch at home with various streaming services such as Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock and Apple TV+. Here you’ll find docu-projects covering music of all genres as well as artists of all backgrounds, with up-close peeks at locations all over the world that are rich with musical influence. Some are emotional, some are hard-hitting; some are whimsical and joyous. Others will transport you to places you may have never heard of, or take you behind doors that you otherwise never would have had access to. But all of them should teach you something that you didn’t know before, no matter how big of a music buff or history connoisseur you might be.

Keep reading to see an evolving list of music documentaries arriving this year — sorted in order of their release dates and featuring the respective platforms you can watch them on — below. And remember to check back periodically as Billboard continues to update this list with projects that haven’t yet been announced but are sure to become fan favorites in the coming months!

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