50 Cent Can’t Believe Today’s Ice Cream Truck Prices: ‘What Happened to $1.25?’

Inflation has left holes in everyone’s pockets, and even wealthy multimillionaires like 50 Cent are feeling the effects.

50 went to buy a treat from a local ice cream truck in his neighborhood and he couldn’t believe some of the dessert prices in today’s society.

“I jumped out and went to an ice cream truck today and saw this WTF ! what happened to $1.25 this can’t be right,” he wrote.

The G-Unit mogul posted a photo of the truck’s menu, featuring various character ice cream treats like Spider-Man and SpongeBob as well as strawberry shortcakes and flavorful ice pops ranging from $4 to $5.

“I remember when they was 50 Cent,” a fan quipped in his comments section, while another offered up a solution. “Might as well buy the whole box at the store.”

Others chimed in blaming Rick Ross’ diet, while some pointed to the economy’s alleged decline under President Joe Biden’s administration.

It’s unclear if 50 Cent ended up purchasing an ice cream, or perhaps the petty “Candy Shop” rapper bailed on the transaction altogether out of spite.

Back in 2022, 50 basked in the nostalgia of hearing the ice cream truck’s jingle in his Queens neighborhood but how horrible it felt when he had no money to buy anything.

“I will never forget the excitement of the ice cream truck is coming growing up, but when there was no money that was the worst s–t,” he wrote to X with a photo of a Mister Softee truck.

Find 50 Cent’s ice cream truck posts here and below.

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