Woman’s dog attacked at Liverpool dog park, dog owners share concerns over safety

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If you’re a pet owner, you view your furry friend as if they were your own child. Unfortunately for one woman, her dog was victim to a dog attack at the Wegmans Good Dog Park in Liverpool.

Her pet is healing from multiple injuries.

Wendy Usher, a dog owner, has been coming to the dog park for over a year, and has never seen a dog attack before.

“It just came in and ran right over to the dog,” she said.

A Dachshund was attacked by a Pitbull, resulting in over $15,000 in vet bills and the dog having its ear amputated.

“That stuff doesn’t happen here,” Usher said. “Usually, it’s all friendly dogs that all play and get along great.”

The incident is making dog owners like David Wantz think that adding some security could be a good thing.

“Once in a while, maybe step in and see how things are,” Wantz said. “I’ve never seen a park ranger come in here.”

Even without security, dog owners say that everyone is responsible for the way their pets act.

“Dogs play rough around here sometimes. People should definitely keep track of their animals and know if something like that is going to happen,” Wantz said.

“I don’t think anybody should be bringing their dogs to a friendly dog park who are aggressive,” Usher said. “If they aren’t friendly with the other dogs, they shouldn’t be here.”

The Onondaga County Park Rangers say they have recommended to the police commissioner to not let the Pitbull into any parks unless it is on a leash.

The owner of the daschund has set up a GoFundMe to pay for vet bills.

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