WMT Digital Acquires Aloompa, Combining Two Leaders in Live Event Tech Solutions

WMT Digital has acquired Aloompa, a leading mobile app provider for live event experiences.

Drew Burchfield, who co-founded Aloompa in 2008, will board WMT Digital as a vp, with his entire team also joining the company. WMT focuses on technology solutions for fan engagement, storytelling, data applications and revenue platforms.


“We started in 2012 as a tech consultancy and evolved into a tech integrator model, and then eventually a digital platform and a tech provider,” says Andres Focil, founder/CEO of WMT Digital. “The goal of the business was to think about ways that we can unlock storytelling through technology. Today platforms are going more modular, flexible and scalable and really shifting from traditional content into much more dynamic storytelling content and we spend a lot of time thinking about like finding product market fit and creating specific use cases for organizations that fit their particular market.”

Traditionally, WMT has worked in the collegiate and professional sports space while Aloompa has a major foothold in the live music and festival space.

“There’s so much cross opportunity between the entertainment space and the sports space and the larger event space,” Focil notes, pointing to one of the company’s clients, Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, as an example.

“It’s a multi-tenant venue with four different teams that also hosts a lot of events, including concerts,” Focil says. “So when we built out their application, we were thinking about ways that we can store their tickets, if you’re a season ticket holder for a particular team or you are attending a concert, and from there we really started trying to understand how to cross-sell and upsell and then create synergies between the two. We’ve started exploring the market and found that Aloompa is the premium solution in the music space and we started having discussions” that led to an eventual deal.

“I think the thing that’s super exciting here between Andres’ vision and the greater team’s vision is that what is being built is a vertical stack of solutions for an event or for a team that puts data in the center,” Burchfield said. “For events and festivals, the power is in tools that leverage all the touch points of a fan, which is really the ultimate long-term solution. And I would say that approximately 70% of those pieces are now in place with our two companies coming together. And we’re going to be attacking the market in that way.”

Aloompa will operate as a standalone brand, based in Nashville, within the “FanOS” product category of WMT. The combined companies will continue to support existing partners and customers while bringing new offerings to market designed to solve client-related challenges.

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