Watch the Plain White T’s React to Hearing Snowd4y & Drake’s ‘Wah Gwan Delilah’ for First Time

The Plain White T’s are just like everyone else. The group posted a video of them hearing Snowd4y and Drake’s parody remix of their Billboard Hot 100-topping hit song “Hey There Delilah.” And, like the majority of rap fans, they thought “Wah Gwan Delilah” was made using AI, too.

“That’s not Drake,” T’s frontman Tom Higgenson says to the camera as he listens in disbelief. As Drake’s verse continues, Higgenson turns to the rest of the band and says, “It’s crazy that everybody thinks that it’s real. It seems like it’s very obvious. I don’t know. But it’s cool, whatever.”

His bandmate Mike Retondo agreed, saying, “Yeah, there’s no f–king way.”

To the surprise of many, Drake and his team eventually confirmed the song was indeed real, shortly after its release on Tuesday (June 4). His friend and collaborator Hush posted a screenshot on Instagram of Snowd4y from the X account @Keep6ixSolid with the caption, “One for the city,” and the Toronto superstar acknowledged Snowd4y in his Instagram Story with the caption, “@snowd4y wake up the city.”

Higgenson and the boys finally came to grips with the remix being real. On his IG Story, Higgenson reposted a post from Worldstar featuring the “Wah Gwan Delilah” single art and a picture of Drake asking a very important question: “Did Drake just cover Delilah???” He then reposted a Complex post featuring the song’s Soundcloud link and asked another pertinent question, “wtf is going onnn?”

Fans were just as confused as the Plain White T’s. People were not only unsure whether the song was real, but they also questioned the decision to put this type of song out fresh off his battle with Kendrick Lamar. With Snowd4y being a comedian and parody rapper from Toronto, it’s not unreasonable to believe Drake simply wanted to do something light and funny for his city after a rough couple of months.

Watch the Plain White T’s reaction below:

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