Twin Rinks @ the MACC rinks to reopen soon after dealing with chiller issues

CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s a chiller issue that has had the rinks at Twin Rinks at the MACC closed for the past few weeks.

“So, the chiller is the main cog in any of the ice sheets. If it wasn’t for the chiller, we wouldn’t be open which is why there was such a concern about why we were down for a temporary time,” Brand Manager Cole Parzych said.

The chiller was restarted so it became a matter of getting the temperatures of the two ice sheets down to make ice… which is quite the process.

“As the temps got down, we were able to flood that side, that helps keep the sand saturated and then it starts to freeze because the temps are below freezing so once that freezes and we’re at a decent ice thickness we go through and paint it white, and we add the lines the creases stuff like that,” Parzych said.

Flooding one side while drying out the other.

“We’re letting the sand dry out a little bit more so that we can remove some of the sand because the sand on this side is just thicker from a couple of years of maintenance. So, if we remove some of the sand it should help the compressor run a little bit more efficiently. The temps on this one will stay down and that leads to better ice conditions,” said Parzych.

Parzych says it’s essentially just maintenance keeping the rink closed but that maintenance can be pretty expensive.

“Every rink has financial issues it’s such an expensive sport and that’s like a $400,000 unit out there that’s getting to its last leg,” Parzych said. “They usually last between 20 and 30 years and it’s 25 years old. So, we’re always looking at ways to upgrade it, fundraising and grant work, and things like that,” Parzych said.

Parzych also said now is the time the facility needs help and that donations will go a long way. You can find their ongoing capital improvement fund here.

The Olympic rink should be reopened in the middle of this week and the NHL-sized rink should open sometime next week.

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