Turnout for Friday’s festivals outshine rainy, damp weather

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Thanks to a simple but very effective design, people didn’t have to really brave the elements to enjoy Greek Fest at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church.

“We have expanded our entire tent system so we were able to move the lines under the tent, so it seemed it didn’t dampen the spirits quote on quote,” said Joy Anthise, a member of the Parish Council.

Over a thousand people came to greek fest in the rainy weather, which didn’t surprise the organizers.

“What I hear at the cashier stand is ‘we wouldn’t miss it come rain or shine. We wouldn’t miss it.’ These people are committed to supporting our church,” Anthise said.

Funny enough it’s not the only place to fill your platter with great Greek food. Bob Cosselmon the owner of KiKi’s Authentic Greek Food says only the heavy rain that blew through put a little damper on business.

“It started really great this morning. Then the rains hit, and people took cover and now it’s picking up again and we’re going to have a good night and a great day tomorrow,” Cosselmon said.

He said that quick bounce back wasn’t a surprise to him.

“A Taste of Syracuse is always busy. No matter what,” Cosslemon said. “Once the rain stopped people came out of overhangs and wherever they were, and they are back at it right now. Looks like a normal crowd.” >

Through all kinds of weather.

“The food is the same whether it is raining or not. It’s just as delicious and the pastry is even more delicious,” said Peter Manolakos, the President of St. Sophia’s Parish Council.

Central New York sticks together.

“The food and the atmosphere and the things for sale and the overall spirit of everything is amazing,” said Susan Meskos, who attended St. Sophia’s Greek Cultural Festival.

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