The battle over the concrete batch plant could soon come to an end

CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It all started a few months ago when Goguen Drive Realty applied for a special permit to build a concrete batch plant off of Wetzel Road.

The location of the proposed plant raised concerns among some residents that it would be too close to neighborhoods, parks, and schools.

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“This business is a problem because we believe it poses a significant health risk to the community,” Jason Spagnola, a Clay resident, said. “Not only is it a health risk but think about the concrete trucks that are going to be on these roads.”

Many Clay residents rallied in opposition to the plant by circulating a position and putting up signs.

The owner of Goguen Realty was aware of concerns the community had, and this statement,

“We invite our neighbors to share their concerns and suggestions directly with us, ensuring all voices are heard and considered in our planning process and for the April 1st town board meeting.”

When that meeting arrived attendees said representatives of Goguen Drive Realty were unable to answer basic questions about the plant.

“How big is the building going to be?” a Board Member asked.

“We’re working on that,” the representative answered.

The lack of answers led to frustration from the audience.

“You had everything laid out. You said it. A month we’ve been doing this. Where’s the data? Dodge and divert, that’s what you’ve been doing,” one member of the audience said.

Fast forward to the most recent board meeting and the representatives had the answers to the questions, assuring residents and the board that this plant would be environmentally safe.

“We’ve done the scientific research. We’ve done the studies. We’ve designed the plan. It’s environmentally safe. It’s taken every safety measure available to it,” one representative said.

They were also transparent about the concrete truck traffic.

“We’re estimating that the existing truck that will be on the roads is 265 on Wetzel, 508 on Morgan, 334 on Henry Clay to the north, 612 on Henry Clay to the south, and 403 on Buckley Road,” a different representative said.

The Clay Town Board is expected to have a decision on the special permit application at Monday, June 17 at the board meeting.

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