The 25 Best Pride Songs of 2024 (So Far): Staff Picks

At a time of year where calls for increased representation reach a fever pitch, the LGBTQ+ community is especially in need of greater depiction in the music business. As a recent survey conducted by Queer Capita, The Orchard and Billboard found, nearly half of surveyed LGBTQ+ workers said they found the music industry’s current levels of representation to be lacking, while a mere 8% felt their respective companies provided adequate resources for their queer-identifying employees. Simply put, queer music professionals are ready to see real change happen for their community.


It’s a sentiment shared by the queer community at large today — while state legislatures around the U.S. have already introduced over 500 anti-LGBTQ bills, reporting shows that public reception of such legislation has shifted. The Human Rights Campaign released a polling memo in May, showing that according to a number of national polls, a majority of Americans agree that legislation against the LGBTQ+ community has gone too far.

Yet in an industry where queer professionals feel they’re not being adequately platformed and a time where LGBTQ+ people are actively under attack, it sure feels like 2024 has been a banner year for queerness in music. Across genres and styles, LGBTQ+ artists have provided fans with some of the most-loved music of the last six months. Some queer artists have even managed to find massive success on the charts, a feat considered practically impossible in musical eras past. If the first few years of the 2020s marked a queer awakening in popular music, then 2024 may well serve as the start of an official queer renaissance.

With so many excellent entries from LGBTQ+ musicians to choose from in 2024, which ones stand out amongst the rest? Below, Billboard staffers offer our picks of the 25 best songs from LGBTQ+ artists released in 2024.

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