Tell Me Something Good: Playing the blues

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Colin Aberdeen has been playing the Blues at nightspots around Central New York for most of his lifetime. But this gig is different.

And these kids have a new story to tell… about the morning a Bluesman came to class. Colin has been spreading “Blues in the Schools,” through the good graces of the New York State Blues Festival. Teaching about the importance of a uniquely American form of music.

I try to find ways to give them entry points so they can make up their own stories. They don’t have to play instruments, you know. They can learn that later. But the idea that you can make up your own song is really important.

Colin Aberdeen, musician

In all, about 800 students around Central New York will benefit from Blues in the Schools this spring, including four suburban school districts and four city schools.

For this session at Chestnut Hill Elementary School in Liverpool, Colin picked up a sideman. Mike Vincetore is a highly respected guitar player with bands like Dark Hallow and the Fillmore Blues Band. But he’s also a math teacher here at Chestnut Hill. That job gives him perspective on just how important Arts education is to young minds.

Colin closes the lesson with a homework assignment for the students… to lobby their parents to take them to the New York State Blues Festival, June 13 to the 15 at the State Fairgrounds.

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