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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You may have donated “the gift of life” at a local blood drive. But did you ever wonder how the blood gets from that drive to you when you need it?

Tom Blanchard is a volunteer delivery driver for the American Red Cross in Central New York. He was looking for a way to give back after he retired.

Someone I knew recommended I talk to the Red Cross and six years later, here I am. Enjoying what I’m doing and finding it very worthwhile.

Tom Blanchard, Red Cross volunteer driver

Three days a week, Tom hits the road in a Red Cross van to deliver ice-chilled boxes of blood and blood products around town and around the region.

Tom’s one of about fifty drivers working out of the Red Cross’ Liverpool Blood Center. He works about twelve hours a week, every minute of it as a volunteer.

Today, I have five, all the hospitals. So Saint Joe’s, Upstate Downtown, Crouse, the VA and then we’ll head up to Community. I think I have a total of about 20… 20 boxes today.

Tom Blanchard, Red Cross volunteer driver

You have a chance to help save lives at NewsChannel 9’s Holiday Heroes Blood Drives on Wednesday, July 3 at locations in Manlius, Solvay, Hamilton, Camden, and Fulton.

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