Teezo Touchdown Turns Student Project Into Funny Video for ‘Third Coast’: Watch

Teezo Touchdown is a genius.

Fresh off a 24-date world tour, the artist out of Beaumont, Texas dropped a new video for the How Do You Sleep at Night? bonus track “Third Coast.”

An ode to the Gulf Coast, where Teezo grew up, “Third Coast” features a series of three beats by D-Lo the Doctor with Teezo rapping over them in various forms. On the first beat, Teezo talks about all the material things he’s acquired since becoming a superstar. On the second one, he raps about all the women he dates all over Texas with an emphasis on the shorty he calls “Port Arthur because baby got that water.” Finally, the third beat has Teezo Suave outside a girl’s house begging like Jodeci. Each switch-up feels its own song, and they’re brought to life by the green screen behind him.

What makes this video even cooler is the fact it was first conceptualized by Rhiannon Wollmuth for a school project a couple of months ago.

It’s pretty cool that the serious American singer/songwriter Teezo Touchdown (this is an inside joke used by his fans and we’re just going to run with it) would use a fan’s idea for one of his official music videos. More serious American singer/songwriters should follow suit. His refreshing take on alternative music has given him co-signs from some of the greatest artists of our time. Madonna brought him out as a Ballroom guest judge for her last Celebration tour date at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Andre 3000 told GQ that he sees himself in artists like Teezo. His peers like him, too. Teezo was just on the Circus Maximus tour with Travis Scott, and Tyler, the Creator referred to him as “an alien.”

He’s a playa, you should’ve known.

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