Sting bar shooting witness recounts what happened, saves friend’s life

OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR) — It was right around closing time at The Sting when shots rang out outside the bar.

“We thought it was a fake gun because it sounded like a bunch of firecrackers. Apparently, at the end of it wasn’t,” said the victim’s friend. “It started with her shooting him, not him hitting her or anything.”

The victim’s friend, who didn’t want to be on camera told NewsChannel 9 that 24-year-old Brianna Sneed started causing problems inside the bar. A rocky history between the victim and Sneed spilling out onto the sidewalk.

“She kept on antagonizing and coming towards us, so I turned around and tried to get her to back off,” the friend said. “I said this is not the time or the place.

According to the victim’s friend, Sneed then started grabbing her waist, signaling she had a gun on her. After Sneed and the victim left the bar, the friend says Sneed pulled out the gun and fired several shots towards the victim.

“She shot the gun. They started going at it, and I see her going for the gun again. And I see she was going to shoot him one more time,” the friend said.

Grabbing the gun out of Sneed’s hands, instinct kicked in.

“It just took over pretty much. I blacked out in that moment in time,” the friend said.

A co-owner of the bar said the shooting happened on a sidewalk behind the bar and not on the property. Casings were along the sidewalk on West Third Street.

“I brought him down here to double check him to see if he was shot or anything,” the friend said. “Took his shirt off, got a flashlight on him, checked his chest, his stomach, nothing. You’re good. Then by the time I was done by that, OPD showed up and started talking to him, saying you’re bleeding.”

It’s not the first time something like this has happened at The Sting. In 2023, a person was shot outside the bar and left in critical condition. It then took police months to track down the shooter and make an arrest.

“This ain’t the first time. This ain’t the second time this happened. If they want their establishment to keep on going, they better step their game up,” the friend said.

Sneed faces the following charges:

  • Attempted murder in the 2nd degree a class B felony
  • Assault in the 1st degree a class B felony
  • Criminal use of a firearm a class B felony
  • Criminal possession of a weapon in the 2nd degree a class C felony
  • Reckless endangerment in the 1st degree a class D felony

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