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In honor of Ariana Grande’s 31st birthday today, we take you through her Billboard hits and rank them.

Tetris Kelly: 

Happy Birthday to Ariana Grande. The pop star celebrates her 31st birthday today and Billboard is honoring her by ranking the Top 10 Ariana Grande songs.  Starting off at No. 10 with the ballad from her latest album ‘eternal sunshine’ “imperfect for you.” Ari told Zach that the song is her favorite from ‘eternal sunshine’ and was the last song she finished for the album.  “ghostin” is at No. 9 and definitely stands out as one of Ari’s most heartbreaking and features a sample from her late ex and dear friend, Mac Miller. Ariana said it was her hardest song to write for ‘Thank U, Next’ especially the second verse as she initially didn’t want to release it, but her then manager Scooter Braun convinced her to do it. No. 8 is a dance anthem collaboration that saw Ariana team up with another pop queen, Lady Gaga, it’s “Rain On Me.” Billboard ranked this song at No. 1 Best Song in 2020. At No. 7 is Ari’s live cover of an all time classic, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” which she performed at her One Love Manchester concert. Ariana did another more recent cover of the song while she was filming ‘Wicked.’ No. 6 is one of Ariana’s biggest and well known hits, another collaboration, this time with EDM DJ Zedd, it’s “Break Free.” 

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