Permit Denied: Clay Town Board strikes down creation for proposed concrete batch plant

CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The decision is in and after months of meetings and petitions, the Clay Town Board voted down a special permit for a concrete batch plant on Monday, June 17.

A night that’s been circled on every calendar in Clay, and the answer people were looking for.

“We find the potential impacts of the proposed project, such as increased truck traffic, noise, and pollution, could be injurious to neighborhoods or otherwise detrimental to public welfare,” read Councilor David Hess from one of the board’s findings.

The town board took their time, reviewing findings from studies conducted by Goguen Realty, listening to the public and even looking over some studies they sent. But overwhelmingly, the information did not support the plant being built.

“The town put together a great argument based on studies and a real sense about the quality of life here and the health of our families,” said Clay resident Rick Groll.

After starting a grass roots campaign and working for months and months, Clay neighbors say it was all worth it.

“We really needed to protect our residents, our community, our children, our health,” said Kate Durant, a Clay resident. “This has huge implications for the community’s health.”

The fight’s over for now. This land will stay the same, for the time being.

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