Paris Hilton Talks Being the ‘Original Influencer,’ Razr Memories & Upcoming ‘Infinite Icon’ Album

Paris Hilton will forever be synonymous with 2000s pop culture. Long before the days of Instagram models and TikTok influencers, Hilton was a pioneering influencer — when society didn’t even have a word for it yet.

Tuesday night (June 25) represented a full-circle moment for the “Stars Are Blind” singer. 20 years after first introducing the world to the Razr, Hilton partnered with Motorola once again to help unveil the new family of Razr phones.

A flashback to paparazzi photos from the mid-2000s would often find Paris showing off her pink Razr — typically bedazzled in Swarovski crystals — which she’d use as a fashion accessory to go with her trendy outfit.

“When you think [of] Y2K and fashion, the Motorola Razr was an accessory, and I made it that way. I would literally have low-waist jeans and have it just clipped in there,” Hilton tells Billboard in her greenroom. “Anytime I was walking through a crowd and I’d pretend to be on the phone, I’d have my cute pink Razr — and it brings back so many nostalgic memories.”

Rocking a glittery pink and silver plaid dress with matching bedazzled gloves, Paris Hilton looked like royalty while taking the stage to close the House of Razr event in Brooklyn out with a DJ set. The partying didn’t last long for Hilton, though — who jetted to Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning (June 26), where she delivered a candid testimony in front of congress about child welfare.

The Simple Life alum revealed to Billboard that her years-in-the-making Infinite Icon album is finished, and will be released on Sept. 6, coinciding with New York Fashion Week’s kick-off.

Hilton continued the project’s rollout last week with the release of her “I’m Free” single featuring Rina Sawayama. Sia is onboard as the LP’s executive producer, and fans can expect a collaboration with Meghan Trainor as well.

Check out the rest of our conversation with the multi-hyphenate heiress, who dishes on being the original influencer, working with Meghan Trainor and Sia and her “Stars Are Blind” anthem turning 18.


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♬ I’m Free – Paris Hilton & Rina Sawayama

How did the partnership with Motorola and the Razr come together?

Paris Hilton: I first launched their pink Razr 20 years ago, so this is a full-circle moment, being back introducing the new pink Razr. It’s iconic and I love Motorola. They always have had the best parties for 20 years. 

When I Googled back then I saw you with pink, black and other colors. Were you just running through [Razr] phones?

Yeah, lots of phones — and constantly thinking of ones for different-colored outfits. Then I would bedazzle them all. All my Razrs were covered in Swarovski crystals. I can’t wait to do that to my new one. 

What was life like for you back then using it as a fashion accessory?

I’ve always been an undercover nerd, and obsessed with technology — so even before a phone would come out, they would send it to me, because I was the original influencer. When I got the phone, everyone got the phone. It was cool to see the impact that I could make on pop culture, and showing off my love of gadgets. The phones [are] even better now. 

What other memories come back there? For me, I think Paris running around with Kim [Kardashian] and The Simple Life. 

It was just so much fun. The 2000s, there was nothing like it. The energy, vibes, fashion — it’ll never be like that again. It was about everything I wore. I invented Y2K fashion. 

What can you tell us about your new single “I’m Free?” How was working with Rina [Sawayama]?

I love Rina. She’s just so brilliant and talented. Her voice is so beautiful, and just recording this whole album with Sia this whole year — she’s an executive producer of the album. She’s the greatest songwriter of her time. One of my best friends. She took my voice to another level, which I didn’t even know I had in me. She brought out so much in me, and she made me feel so comfortable in the studio. 

“I’m Free” was the perfect song [to introduce] my new album Infinite Icon, because it’s Pride Month and “I’m Free” is all about expressing who you are and being who you want to be and living how you want to live. I think that’s something important to celebrate. 

When does the album come out?

The album is out Sept. 6. During Fashion Week. I’m gonna be recording some music videos this summer. First one will be “Bad B—h Academy,” which is sick. I have some amazing surprise features on that one as well. Just getting ready for a tour. 

Who else do you wanna get on the album? Is it done?

It’s done. One of my favorite features is with Meghan Trainor. She’s just so sweet and amazing. We met years ago during New York Fashion Week. She just came up to me, like, “I’m the third Hilton sister.” Then I immediately just loved her so much and we became best friends. 

On the new single you say, “Infinite Icon, I am the blueprint.” I feel like you are the OG celebrity influencer. If you could speak to that and how [celebrity] has transformed with everyone else following in your path.

It makes me really proud. I was an influencer before there was a name for it. Everyone was like, famous for being famous. Now, 20 years later, I was ahead of my time … as [essentially] the first person to get into reality television, the first person to get into social. And it just really makes me proud to see how many people were inspired by that. This whole generation. It’s pretty sick.

“Stars Are Blind” turned 18 earlier this month. What a time. 

“Stars Are Blind” is the anthem of my life. I’m just so proud of how timeless and iconic it is. People just love it. It’s the ultimate summer bop. I loved re-recording it with Kim Petras. She’s so talented and so amazing. The perfect person to do that [with]. It’s just amazing to see so many people love it and [are still] raging with it almost 20 years later. 

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