Oneida County launches new citizen engagement & feedback system for 911 calls



SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Oneid County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. announced on June 27, that a new citizen engagement and feedback system for 911 calls is set to launch on July 1.

“In today’s on-demand society, we understand how important it is to keep our residents informed,” Picente Jr. said. “Much like private companies use tools to send automatic text message notifications, updates and satisfaction surveys to their customers, Oneida County is now able to do the same. We expect that this new solution will drastically enhance communication with those we serve through our 911 Center.”

The PowerEngage system will use text messages to keep callers informed and provide feedback after a non-life-threatening interaction with dispatchers from the county 911 Center.

The texts are sent from hours to days after the incident and will ask callers to take a quick survey about their service experience, while also allowing residents to provide their own feedback and give them an option to thank the dispatcher who took their call.

The text message surveys are sent to those whose number is recorded as part of a call for service or a law enforcement member’s report, but citizens can take a text message survey and provide feedback even if they did not receive a text message.

Callers who do not want to participate can simply not respond or let the 911 Center know in advance by calling 315-404-2971, by going online or by replying STOP to the text message to opt out of all future messages.

Picente says that the surveys should not be used to report any emergency or crime, and that 911 should still always be called for any emergency or to report any criminal activity.

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