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Mustard is riding high off of his success with Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us.” He sits down with us and gives us the inside scoop on how he helped create it and how it changed his life, how the late Nipsey Hussle helped name his new album ‘FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED’ and his opinion on why the Kendrick & Drake beef was good for hip-hop. He goes in-depth about his latest single “Parking Lot” with Travis Scott, his divorce, collaborating with Rihanna, Mariah Carey and more!


Drake and Kendrick and even J. Cole, they all came and just made this thing the top of- It’s back. Would you guys rather me stay with this lady and me be unhappy and me dog her or something? What would you want me to do? I remember like the last conversation I had with Nipsey he was telling me to name that album ‘FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED.’ What up, it’s Mustard, and you’re watching Billboard News.

Tetris Kelly:

You picked the perfect time to stop by Billboard. Hot 100, No. 1 song- 



Tetris Kelly:

“Not Like Us,” man. How’s it feel at this point of your career to be topping the Hot 100? 

Man, I keep saying it. And I can’t say enough. It’s got to be God. Like, because you think about it, it’s like I think like a couple months ago, I knew I had this whole album. And I’m just like, Okay, what am I gonna do to get myself back hot? What am I going to do to? You know, I can’t I want to do drip checks no more. I did that already. I don’t want to do the weight check stuff. I’ve done that already. I want to get as much as in shape as I can, but you know, I was just like, what am I going to do? How are we going to spark for people to be like, oh, I want to hear Mustard, again? You know, that’s just like, I think every artist would think about that. And then the song came out. 

Tetris Kelly: 

Well, there’s my Apple promotion. 

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