Kevin Hart Reveals Why He Looked Bored at the Club With Latto & Usher

Kevin Hart’s club days are behind him.

The comedian went viral recently when he was caught on video looking bored at the club next to Latto and Usher. However, he recently revealed that it was nothing personal.

Hart told Complex’s Jaelani Turner-Williams that the video “captured a real moment and a real face.” The 44-year-old added that he “was ready to go home.”

“That moment was a real moment. Both of them are amazing people. Usher’s a really close friend of mine, and he told me we were going to a little lounge atmosphere, which is my vibe. I don’t mind,” he recalled.

“But we ended up being at what I would consider to be a club,” he continued. “So what you saw was just somebody who has the days of nightlife and partying at that scale, and I was ready to go home. I was ready to take my a— home.”

Hart concluded, “My fear is just looking like the old guy in the club,” hI never want people to look up and [and people] go, ‘Why is he here?’ That to me, that’s aggressive. ‘Oh God, you see Kevin over there in the corner? Why is he here? It’s 21, 22 night. Why did he come?’ Bumping into my kids’ friends from school, that’s just aggressive. I don’t need those problems. I’ll take my ass home and be happy.”

Watch the OG viral video below.

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