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After Justin Timberlake’s arrest a little over a week ago, he’s back online sharing his tour merch with fans. Britney Spears may or may not be reconciling with her kids and more.

Tetris Kelly:

Justin Timberlake is back online, J.Lo flies commercial like the rest of us, and Britney may or may not be reconciling with her kids. This is your millennial pop news update. Since Justin’s DWI arrest he’s been quiet on social media — until now. The pop king has continued his world tour and jumped online to show off the exclusive merch for his Madison Square Garden stop. Meanwhile, there was some good news hitting the net about his ex, Britney Spears. Brit had been upset that her kids cut contact with her and have been living in Hawaii. But Kevin’s lawyer told ET, “The good thing is that the boys saw their mom was doing well and have a desire to speak with her. There has been some telephonic communication between Britney and her sons, and we think that is a step in the right direction.” TMZ was quick to post that the boys and Spears have not reconciled and it was just a Mother’s Day call. Can they leave Britney alone? And Jennifer Lopez canceled her tour to spend time with family, and she’s apparently doing so affordably. Jenny From the Block was photographed in business class on an Air France flight from Italy to France. Short flight, but definitely a change from her private-jet lifestyle.

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