JoJo Siwa, Frankie Grande & More Share Which Artists Made Them Realize They’re Queer | Billboard News

We caught up with some of your favorites at the GLAAD Media Awards 2024, and we found out which artists made them realize they’re queer. Keep watching to see who they were!

Tetris Kelly:
Who’s somebody you can think of from a young age where you were like, “Oh, wait, am I? I’m queer.” 

Jojo Siwa:
Am I gay? I mean from a young age, Lady Gaga. 

Snow Wife:
Lady Gaga. 

Mark Hoying: 
For me, it was Lady Gaga.

Dylan Mulvaney:

Tetris Kelly:
It’s Tetris with Billboard News. We’re here at the GLAAD Awards finding out which artists represent the community the best, and what are some of your favorite queer artists, queer awakenings? What’s an artist that you can think back to your childhood that made you say, “You know what? I might be queer.” 

Scott and Mark Hoying: 

Jojo Siwa:
Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. Currently, G Flip. Love them so very much.

Tetris Kelly:
When you think of other queer music icons, who comes to your mind?

Oh, Kim Petras. I really love her. 

Tetris Kelly:
Like, her music is, like, perfection — pop perfection. 

So definitely she’s top for me.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez:
The only people that I really saw were probably Janet Jackson. The Michael Jacksons and the Beyoncés and the Tina Turners and the Anita Bakers. I could go on for days. The rolodex is going on in my head as you ask this question. 

Frankie Grande:
Madonna. Absolutely, hands down, no question. Me dancing in my bedroom and my living room to Madonna on VHS. The Immaculate Collection VHS with all of her music videos, and me just doing everything that she did and being like, “Huh, this feels too good.”

Keep watching to learn more!

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