Inspiring kids to make change: Duck Race to end racism

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Change doesn’t come easy, but those involved in the duck race to end racism, are up for the challenge.

“We have to begin to always be ready and stand ready to call out racism and bigotries as we see it,” said Sharon Owens, President of Interfaith Works CNY.

The event aims to educate kids from all over about the dangers of discrimination, while still having fun.

“The kids are actually the ducks and they do the run, and it’s just symbolic of them coming together and being united,” said Colette Matthews-Carter, director of El-Hindi Center for Dialogue and Action. “So kids from all over, from the cities all different schools run for prizes.

And while there aren’t any actual ducks racing, there are plenty on display.

“We give corporate sponsors an opportunity to decorate their ducks to exemplify what they want to present to the world,” Said Matthews-Carter.

While these ducks look different, on the outside, they’re still ducks, a metaphor for what this event is all about.

“On the inside, we’re all the same, we all need the same thing we all need air, we need food, we need love we need air. So the ducks are all the same except the outside,” said Matthews-Carter.

Matthews-Carter says this is an important lesson for children on how to treat others.

“Sometimes we have stereotypes, but when we sit down and talk to people, we realize we’re not that different. We have more in common than we think,” Matthews-Carter.

This duck race serves as a glimmer of hope for the next generation.

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