Donald Glover Debuts Trailer for New Movie ‘Bando Stone and the New World’ Before ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Screening

Back in April, Donald Glover revealed on a livestream of his GILGA radio show that he would be releasing two more albums under the Childish Gambino before he retires it for good. He already dropped the first of the two with Atavista, which is essentially the a more polished version of his 3.15.20 album that he released in 2020. The second — and last as Childish Gambino — will be Bando Stone and the New World, which will double as the soundtrack to the upcoming movie of the same name.

Last night, the rapper-slash-actor posted a picture of ticket stubs to an advance IMAX screening of A Quiet Place: Day One with the caption, “Bando Stone trailer is coming tonight @imax.”

The trailer hasn’t been released online yet, but one fan took it upon themselves to record the trailer and put it on the Internet in the name of civic duty. It opens with a confused Bando Stone wondering where all the people are until he runs into a mother and her kid. What comes next is a bunch of dystopian things happening like washed up sea monsters and alien lasers trying to trap them. While all this is going down, the trailer poses the question, “What are you when the world ends?”

The film also stars English actress Jessica Allain and is produced by Glover’s creative studio GILGA in association with RCA. There’s no release date yet, but the movie and its soundtrack will be dropping this year.

Bando Stone and the New World will screen exclusively in IMAX theaters.

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