Christian Nodal Speaks Out About His New Romance With Ángela Aguilar & Split From Cazzu: Watch

Christian Nodal opened up to his fans about his current relationship with singer-songwriter Ángela Aguilar, following the confirmation of their romance. Speaking candidly in a video post to Instagram in the early morning hours of Tuesday (June 11), Nodal expressed his respect and ongoing love for his former partner, Argentine star Cazzu, and emphasized the amicable nature of their breakup.


“I know that today, many people found out that officially Angela and I have a relationship. Since I don’t like gossip, making up stories, out of respect for my ex-partner, out of respect for my daughter, out of respect for my current partner, I wanted to come out and give you a little context,” he said in the video.

Nodal refuted rumors of infidelity, insisting that there were no third parties involved in the end of his previous relationship.

“First of all, Julieta is a person I love and who has my respect for life. We are public figures, we are artists, but we are not masters at life,” added Nodal, using Cazzu’s real name — Julieta Cazzucheli. “Love doesn’t always work. Our cycle together ended in the best possible way. It was a love that gave us the most precious gift that could have come to us in life, the most beautiful thing we could have done together, which is Inti, my daughter, who I will always love, who I will always take care of. And in that relationship there will never be a third party, there was never any infidelity.”

“Now I find myself living a precious experience with a woman I love, with a love that took so many years for what is happening to happen and we are enjoying it, we are living the experience,” he said about his new romance with Aguilar.

The video addressing his new romance comes just one day after Nodal confirmed the relationship.

Billboard Español has reached out to Nodal’s representatives for comment. The mariacheño superstar is currently touring the United States with his Pa’l Cora Tour.

Watch Christian Nodal’s full statement below:

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