Childish Gambino Reveals ‘Lithonia’ Single Release Date Following Alleged Date Leak

Childish Gambino wants the world to have more “fun,” which he kept in mind and provided the inspiration for his upcoming Bando Stone & the New World album, his last under the moniker.

Gambino (born Donald Glover) hopped on Instagram Live Wednesday (June 26), where he clarified plans for his “Lithonia” single and blamed streaming platform Audiomack for allegedly leaking the release date earlier than desired.


“‘Lithonia’ coming out July 2. That got leaked — kinda pissed me off to be honest,” he explained. “That’s another reason why y’all don’t get good s–t. For what? It’s not valuable enough, it’s just a single. And I know who did it. Audiomack, f—–g no soup for you. You’re not getting the album now. That’s what time I’m on.” (Billboard has reached out to Audiomack for comment.)

Bando Stone is slated to be the soundtrack companion to a film, but there isn’t much known about a potential release date on either front there.

During his IG Live, the “This Is America” artist also implored people to have more fun in life and he seemingly alluded to the Drake-Kendrick Lamar war providing the most fun in music this year.

“I’m trying to have fun. Because I feel like there’s just people not having enough fun,” he added. “When I was a kid there was, like, big things that would unite us, and I just feel bad for y’all. I feel bad for some of y’all.”

Gambino continued: “Even this year, the most fun we had was from a fight. [It] was a song from a fight, from a rap beef, which I enjoyed every minute of. It was very fun. But still kind of negative in a certain light, I guess.”

In May, the 40-year-old multi-hyphenate delivered his Atavista (3.15.20 reimagined versions) album, which served as a revamped 11-track edition of his 3.15.20 project from March 2020.

Watch Childish Gambino’s full Instagram Live chat below.

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