Brent Faiyaz’s Journey as an Independent Artist, Creating ISO Supremacy & More | Billboard Cover

Billboard cover star Brent Faiyaz paved the way for many other independent artists. With his success independently, he was driven to create a network where independent artists could thrive, which is how ISO Supremacy came to life. Brent Faiyaz talks about his journey as an independent artist, his advice to other independent artists, why ISO Supremacy’s mission is to support independent artists and more!

Brent Faiyaz:

I really like doing what I want to do. And then I like being able to say no to things that I don’t want to do. The main thing that comes with giving up a piece of your independence is not being able to say no. It really isn’t no deeper than that for me. So I think I just want to, I want to inspire people to not be OK with being told what to do. You can’t grow like this. How are you going to be constant? How are you gonna grow when mother—-ers constantly say no, no, stay down. So before people decide they want to do deals and they want to, they want to take these large amounts of money and they want to collab with this person, that person, I want people to really sit and think about like, you feel me, are they going to be okay with not being able to control the sh*t that they want to do? I was making money selling beats, like in high school, middle school. But that’s like a lot of how I got my friends like when I was young. Like it’d be like growing mother—-ers coming into the house like to get beats off me and sh–. And my parents are like, who are these grown adults coming by the house like to like what is thid going on, like bruh, people like my music.

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