Bia Releases Bristling Cardi B Diss Track ‘Sue Meee?’: ‘I See Right Through You’

2024 seems to be the year of beefing in hip-hop. Bia didn’t waste any time responding to Cardi B’s subs on the “Wanna Be (Remix),” and returned the serve with an eviscerating diss track taking aim at the Grammy-winning rapper.


After previewing “Sue Meee?” on Instagram Live, BIA uploaded the track to her official YouTube page on Saturday night (June 1). The cover art features a June 2023 Instagram Story from Offset in which he alleged that Cardi B cheated on him, which he walked back last year.

“My wife f—-d a n—a on me gang yall n—-s know how I come,” read the Story, which he had deleted before it expired.

Bia alleged that Offset cheated on the “Bodak Yellow” rapper in their home, and claimed Cardi has ghostwriters penning her bars and a second-grade reading level throughout the bristling track.

“Put it on your hubby since you love lying on your vows/ I write all my verses, I can do this s–t for hours/ I be d–ned I let a n—a f–k a b—h inside my house,” she raps.

Bia continues: “All that surgery and how your body looks so mid/ Thought your a– was for the culture, you just tryin’ to ride the wave/ You should be home with your kids ’cause b—h, you speak like second grade.”

The “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” rapper gets back to antagonizing Cardi B on the chorus: “You ain’t nothing but a f–k girl, I see right through you.” Bia then rides out teasing Cardi about her tattoos and how her friend group always makes fun of Cardi’s ink.

Billboard has reached out to Cardi B’s and Offset’s reps for comment.

The Bia-Cardi feud was reignited on Friday (May 31), when the Bronx bombshell hopped on Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla’s “Wanna Be (Remix),” on which she seemed to take subliminal shots at Bia using a play on words with her name.

“Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B—h, please, don’t nobody wanna be ya/ Cheap lookin’ a– ho, weak lookin’ a– ho/ Great Value me lookin’ a– ho,” Cardi raps.

The title of “Sue Meee?” seems to be inspired by a recent Cardi B Instagram Live in which she threatened to take legal action against Bia for lying on her name.

Listen to “Sue Meee?” below.

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