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Bad Gyal takes Billboard behind the scenes of her LA tour stop. The Latina superstar shares her creative vision, describes how she manages her team, and reveals what a day in the life of her tour looks like and more!

Bad Gyal:

My fans… I feel like they have the most crazy energy. And when someone is talking sh– about me, or the Internet is making me look bad or something they always go like- 

Alba Blasi:

This is our… one typical office day. 

Bad Gyal:

Hi Billboard. I’m Bad Gyal, welcome to my tour stop in Los Angeles. She’s Alba, my manager. For more than seven years, we’ve been together since the beginning. She’s Adriana, my tour manager and my assistant. We’ve also been together for more than seven years and we were friends since childhood. 

Adriana Capellà:

Well, I met Bad Gyal when I was 8-9 years old, we were neighbors, we lived on the same street, played together in the plaza.

Bad Gyal: 

I’m obsessed with anything that sparkles. At the end of the day, I’m presenting my album that’s called ‘The Jewel’ in Catalan, ‘La Joia.’ So we wanted the looks to fit with the concept of the album. He’s J. Hair artist. No one even noticed that I wear wigs because he does a good job. Check, check. Check the scalp!

Jesus Camacho:

Every look is supposed to be like a mood board for somebody else. We made it and others copy it. 

Bad Gyal:

I love it. 


Hi I’m Venus, I’m the makeup artist for Alba. She always does her mascara. 

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