Adam Lambert’s Makeup Tutorial for WeHo Pride 2024 | Billboard Red Carpet Ready

Adam Lambert gets ready for his WeHo Pride 2024 show and talks us through how he does his makeup, his new EP Afters, his new singles “Lube” and “Wet Dream,” how he’s evolved as an artist and more!

Adam Lambert:
Hey, Billboard, I am getting ready for WeHo Pride. I’m gonna paint my face. I’d love for you to come in and witness the magic.

My general process for glam is sort of wing it, literally. There’s the obvious things, like, you know, eyebrows and some skin. But as far as, like, a performance like this, that’s really fun, and fashion, I kind of just play until I like what I’ve created.

How many products do I use? Way too many. I always joke that my bathroom is kind of like a CVS. It’s literally a pharmacy. I have so many products. I’m kind of a junkie for products. I love lotions and potions.

This is some shadow for eyebrows by Anastasia Beverly Hills, just sort of eyebrow powder.

I’m so excited to be performing for WeHo Pride. It’s actually my first time doing it. I’ve performed at Pride in New York. I’ve performed at Pride in Miami, but never here at home in West Hollywood, where I’ve lived for over 20 years. So this is a first.

I am so excited that I get to premiere some brand new songs, two of which came out today, which is really exciting: “Lube” and “Wet Dream.” And I hope everyone’s listened to it so they sing along. I know I have a lot of friends in the audience, and I’ve sent all of them the tracks, so I know they’ll be jamming out.

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